With 165 deaths in one week, the situation remains “very worrying” in nursing homes

An old person. drawing. – Michel Gile – Sipa

In Occitania, the “shudder” which could signify the start of an improvement in the health situation is reflected in the indicators of
the regional health agency (ARS). Its latest report, published Tuesday evening, reports 23 hospitalizations and 12 patients in intensive care less in four days.

But 2,200 Covid-19 patients remain in establishments in the region, including 387 in critical care.

Need for reinforcements

Health authorities warn that the situation remains “very worrying” in nursing homes where the number of positive cases exceeded that of spring at the end of October. 271 clusters, including around forty in Haute-Garonne, are underway in establishments welcoming the elderly. There were “only” 180 a week ago. And the mortality figures are terrible: “15 deaths (…) reported in a week at the end of September, then 59 at the end of October and 165 last week”, details the ARS.

In medico-social establishments, the call for reinforcements is more relevant than ever. The profiles sought range from doctors and nurses to qualified housekeepers, including psychologists and cooks. To apply, a platformRecruitment is activated.

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