With 27 stab wounds, an engineering student kills an imam and preacher of a mosque in Dakahlia. “Shocking details.”

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An imam and preacher of a mosque was found in DakahliaOn Tuesday evening, he was stabbed to death by several stab wounds by a student in the College of Engineering, following a dispute between them.

Major General Raafat Abdel-Baath, Director, received Dakahlia security, Notification from Major General Mustafa Kemal Director Dakahlia InvestigationsA report was received by the sheriff of the Bani Obaid Police Station, from Dikirnis General Hospital, about the arrival of Sheikh Walid Omar Ezz El-Din, 54 years old, a resident of the Salahat village affiliated to the Bani Obaid Center.

And the investigations of Bani Obaid moved to the location of the incident, and it was found that behind the incident was a young man named “A. A” A student at the Higher Institute of Engineering, El Sallab Academy, and the Center’s detectives were able to arrest him.

On examination, it was found that the victim’s sister was the wife of the accused’s brother and that they separated for a while and there were differences between the two families. At the time of the incident, the sheikh met the accused in the street and a verbal argument broke out between them, so the student took out a penknife and stabbed the sheikh several times in the face and chest, and the stabs amounted to 27 separate stab wounds.

Confronting the accused, he confessed to committing the incident and justified his killing of the victim by insulting him and threatening to imprison him and his brother.

The necessary report was released about the incident, and the Public Prosecution is under way, and the body was kept in the Dikirnis Hospital mortuary, at the Public Prosecution’s disposal.


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