With 6 simple tips .. How to overcome the obstacle of weight stability?

Whatever type The diet that we may follow to lose weightThere must come a period when we go through a phase of stability in weight, which may cause us a degree of frustration and despair at times.

Nutrition experts always advise that this period should not cause us any frustration, as it is natural, and the diet should continue as it is, because his body will lose weight after exceeding that period.

However, there are effective ways in which you can get through this difficult stage, according to the “Only My Health” website on health affairs, including 6 tips:


1- Reducing carbohydrates from the diet

If you are able to cut some carbs out of your diet routine, it can help break the weight hurdle and keep you going to lose kilograms. This happens because cutting carbs causes the body to use up body fat for the benefit of your weight loss plan.

2- Increase the intensity of the exercise

Exercising is critical to losing weight, and the obstacle to weight stability can be easily broken by increasing the intensity of the exercise so that your body burns more calories and fat. You can try resistance training that helps in your weight loss journey.

3- Calorie counting

When you reach the stage of weight stability, count your calories and try to reduce them in your diet, taking into account that this does not affect the essential nutrients and proteins important to the body, so always try to make an adjustment to your diet if you feel that you do not achieve your goals in getting rid of kilograms .

4- Increase your daily protein intake

If you have been gaining weight in the past few days, this means that your nutrients are out of balance, and this can be improved by increasing protein and reducing carbohydrates and fats from the diet. Eating more protein at this point helps burn additional calories because it increases the metabolic rate.

5- Manage your stress levels

Stress plays a big role in weight gain. It stimulates eating, especially unhealthy food, or disrupts the work of your diet, which may lead to stability or weight gain, so you must take practical steps to deal with your stress to reduce stress hormones in your body.

6- Try intermittent fasting

Sometimes, reducing calories is not enough to break the stage of weight stability, and then you need to try a different method, and perhaps intermittent fasting based on fasting for long periods of time from food and then obtaining it at certain times may help you return to losing weight, and you can start fasting for 16 An hour and a diet rich in protein and fiber, this regimen may help reduce your waist circumference in a few weeks and break the obstacle to your weight stability.


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