With 656 surgeries, IMSS reinforces the ‘120 days of health services recovery’ strategy

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reinforced through Monothematic Days the strategy “120 days of recovery of health services”, as reported in a statement.

Between November 19 and 21, he performed 656 Surgeries, 4 thousand 519 Specialty Consultations and 6 thousand 82 Family Medicine Consultations.

For three days, care was prioritized according to the specialties with the longest deferral of Outpatient Consultation and Surgery in the Second and Third Level, as well as Integrated Preventive Actions and Family Medicine Consultation in the First Level of care.

In these Monothematic Days participated the Representation Offices IMSS in the states: Campeche, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Yucatán and South Mexico City, and eight High Specialty Medical Units (UMAE).

1,741 Detections of Arterial Hypertension, 1,301 of Diabetes Mellitus and 240 of Cervical-Uterine Cancer, 586 Clinical Breast Examinations, 472 Mastograms, 435 Interventions for Social Work, 165 Attentions in Stomatology, 173 in Nutrition and 21 Vasectomies were developed.

Among the greatest demand for outpatient care were the specialties of General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Traumatology and Orthopedics, and Urology.

The need for surgical care, which was attended to successfully, occurred in the specialties of General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, and Ophthalmology.

At the end of the Monothematic Conference, the IMSS Representation in Campeche granted Outpatient Consultation and Surgery in the Ophthalmology service; In Colima, Family Medicine consultations were carried out, and detections of Diabetes Mellitus, Arterial Hypertension, Breast Cancer by clinical examination and Mastography, as well as detection of Cervical-Uterine Cancer.

In the South Mexico City Office, Family Medicine consultations, actions for the detection of chronic degenerative diseases, Specialty Consultations in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Urology were developed, in addition to surgical interventions in General Surgery and Traumatology and orthopedics.

In Guerrero, consultation of specialties of the General Surgery, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology and Pediatrics services was granted; in Jalisco, oncological care was strengthened in the outpatient clinic, as well as the Internal Medicine and Traumatology services; In Michoacán, surgical interventions in General Surgery and Traumatology and Orthopedics stood out.

In the IMSS Representation in Tamaulipas, 86 surgeries were performed with 115 percent compliance with the established goals, and in Yucatán, in Second Level of care, two Regional General Hospitals (HGR) and three Sub-Zone General Hospitals participated with Family Medicine (HGSZMF) with Specialty Consultation and Surgeries.

In this institutional effort, at the UMAE Hospital de Especialidades No. 25 Monterrey Outpatient psychiatry, ophthalmology surgery was carried out, and two corneal transplants were performed, one kidney and one bone marrow transplant.

On the other hand, UMAE Hospital de Especialidades Centro Médico Nacional (CMN) del Bajío performed orthopedic, thoracic, and neurosurgery surgeries, among others. The Hospital de Gineco-Obstetricia de La Raza participated with seven oncological surgeries; three obstetricians; a gynecological and 20 ultrasounds.

In the UMAE XXI Century Oncology Hospital The outpatient chemotherapy room was opened for the evening shift to address the lag in the application of this service.

The Monothematic Days have made it possible to guarantee the attention required by entitlement in any of the IMSS medical units and to guarantee access to health in an orderly and safe manner.



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