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Once again, the Uñaquista management will economically recognize the effort of the workers who are in the “line of fire” in the fight to attend and prevent the advance of the coronavirus, of those who seek to comply with the quarantine and those who attend the social needs of families that are affected by isolation. The Minister of Finance, Marisa López, confirmed that there will be another bonus of 5,000 pesos, to be paid in September, for all health agents and security forces personnel, in addition to Human Development, which totals about 15 thousand people. Thus, the monthly disbursement represents about 75 million pesos, funds that budgetaryly come out of the adjustment in current spending and funds returned by the current national administration for debts of the macrista management, among other items.

Governor Sergio Uñac had told this media on Saturday that he was going to meet with the Minister of Finance to analyze the issue, since an extraordinary bonus “would be a fair recognition” for health, security and social assistance personnel because “They are the ones who are trying the hardest” and “are the engines” in the fight against the pandemic. This announcement was made into a measure that will be applied to next month’s paycheck. It is not the first time that there is an extra contribution for these workers, since the province had already allocated a bonus to complement the contribution that the administration of President Alberto Fernández had made. In this framework, the Nation had provided four installments of 5,000 pesos each for health employees who worked directly with Covid-19 cases and federal police. Thus, the local Executive took money from its coffers so that said bonus (with the same amount) was extended to all public health agents and the provincial security forces. The contribution was paid in July and August and included some 13,000 agents, López said.

The new local bond of 5,000 pesos will be paid only in September and will not be remunerative or bonus, that is, it will not be affected by discounts for social work or retirement, nor will it impact items such as seniority or additional items. The plus will benefit all health workers, so for those who are in the areas where they work with coronavirus cases it will represent the fifth installment (the four that they will receive from the Nation plus the brand new local contribution). As for the rest of the health professionals and employees, it will be their third installment, all with provincial origin. And the same goes for security personnel. In the new measure, the employees of the Ministry of Human Development are incorporated, those who have been fulfilling social assistance tasks in the sectors affected by the quarantine and who have seen their work accentuated in relation to the distribution of food modules and cleaning kits to the families that are within isolated areas to contain the advance of Covid-19. In total, there are about 15 thousand agents, which represents an outlay of 75 million pesos, explained the head of the economic portfolio.

When consulted, López stressed that the initiative was due to “the great effort and dedication that the health and safety teams and the people affected to Human Development operations are making in the health care of all San Juan residents, as a line of fire between the pandemic and society. They are the ones who are trying to carry out all the measures to alleviate the pandemic. It is a recognition from the Governor to all of them. “

The minister also indicated that all the contribution is based on spending adjustments, the repayment of the highway debt and the refinancing of a national loan, which “allows us to make this effort only once.”


The Nation reimbursed the province 1,000 million pesos, after they were deducted from the co-participation funds. The refund was given at the request of the local Executive, which produced a relief in the coffers, to the point that, for this reason, the Uñaquista management will not yet take the credit from Banco San Juan. The money corresponds to a loan from the Anses Sustainability Guarantee Fund, the payment of which was postponed.


15 thousand state departments of Health, Security and Human Development will collect the bonus of 5,000 pesos in September. In this bonus, all health personnel and those from the social portfolio were incorporated. The total disbursement is $ 75 million.

No salary thaw

The Minister of Finance, Marisa López, reiterated last night to this newspaper that for now she will not be able to unfreeze the salary increases that were agreed upon with state employees at the beginning of the year and before the National Government decreed the first section of isolation and the brake on all economic activities, since “the collection levels are not even similar to what we had before the pandemic,” he said.

As stipulated in that agreement, the percentage increase for the March-July period was 13.5%. With 5.5% in April, another 3.5% in May, to be collected in June and the remaining 4.5% in July. The state unions had asked to review the decision, but the government reiterated that for now it is impossible.


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