With a good peanut collection campaign, the price of oil will drop (DG Sonacos)

Louga, Oct 18 (APS) – The Director General of the National Oilseeds Marketing Company of Senegal (SONACOS), Modou Diagne Fada, has promised a drop in the price of peanut oil, stressing, to do so, the need for a good peanut seed collection campaign.

” If we have enough seeds, we will grind and produce table oil, but also through an equalization system with the sale of shelled seeds outside, to lower the price of oil for the Senegalese . So with a good peanut collection campaign, the price of oil will go down, ” he said during his winter tour in Louga.

According to Diagne Fada, if the quantities of seeds harvested are large, some will be crushed “ even if it is known that Sonacos loses if it wants to make oil available to the Senegalese consumer ”.

Because, “we have defective equipment, old installations and poor rates of return and our production capacities are reduced. This year, efforts have certainly been made in Kaolack, Diourbel and Ziguinchor, but this is not enough to allow us to achieve the desired yields, ” he explained.

On the results of SONACOS, he maintained that the company “is on the surface and ready to take off on the condition also of carrying out a” very good peanut collection campaign “. “This is an important performance situation that must be capitalized on, but which is still fragile,” he said.

The CEO of SONACOS specified that a good campaign requires an effort on the price of peanuts, an economic patriotism on the part of the operators who must apply the national preference and the support of the State.

He visited the renovation works of the administrative block, the infirmary and the closing wall of the SONACOS de Louga which were almost functional, checked the equipment for receiving seeds and the storage areas.

Modou Diagne Fada also met producers and operators who shared their grievances, suggestions and recommendations with him regarding funding and the price of groundnuts.

He assured producers and operators of the availability of funding and promised to intervene at the annual meeting of the National Interprofessional Groundnut Committee (CNIA) so that the price of groundnuts to producers is high.

“Regarding the number of tonnes we plan to collect, we will make arrangements from the point of view of funding, reception equipment and personnel to absorb the maximum amount of peanut seeds,” he reassured.

” Once the renovation is completed, we organize this current campaign and the results meet expectations, we will be able to erect a seed crushing unit in Louga to be able to dispose of crude oil and have a complete unit. “, he promised.

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