With a saw they cut medium voltage cables and left a large sector of Regina without electricity

2023-05-28 22:40:16

A dangerous theft of medium voltage cables left hundreds of residents without electricity for more than an hour and a half in the city of Villa Regina. The event occurred this afternoon and generated a strong explosion that caused alarm among residents residing in the vicinity of National Route 22.

Sources from the Edersa company confirmed that everything happened around 4:00 p.m. when at least two people moved a cement structure that covers a cable outlet and They began to cut one of the 13,200 volt tensioned sections with a saw.

“They tried to steal the underground output cable from the switch within the limits of the Transformer Station,” detailed company sources who remarked that they still It was not possible to establish if any of the suspects ended up with any type of injury, taking into account the risky maneuver they carried out.

The attempted robbery occurred meters from the Transformer Station that is located near the municipal cemetery and a few blocks from the urban area of ​​the city.

“The damage is very important. Everything is in service because the crews made rings and configured the network for another feeder, “explained from the company who warned that thefts have been happening despite the dangers involved in these maneuvers.

An hour and a half after the attempted robbery, the service could finally be restored which affected practically the 80% of city users.

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