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With a new imputation of charges to the former president of the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) Luis Fernando Andrade, the Prosecutor’s Office will initiate a series of decisions that would bring officials and individuals to justice for the case Odebrecht.

Andrade, who resides abroad, is already on trial for his alleged responsibility for irregularities in the award of the otheri number 6 for the Ocaña-Gamarra road. In this process, witnesses for the Prosecutor’s Office have already testified, such as former congressman Otto Bula, former ANI adviser Juan Sebastian Correa, and former senator Bernardo ‘Ñoño’ Elías is expected to testify this week.

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And now, the former official will have to answer for undue interest in the conclusion of contracts and embezzlement. The hearing was scheduled for last week and was installed, but had to be suspended and the judge in the case rescheduled it for March 1. These are alleged irregularities in the award of other number 2 for the construction of a bridge between Plato (Magdalena) and Zambrano (Bolívar) to the Yuma Concessionaire.

In November of last year, the 36th Criminal Court of Bogotá ruled in favor of Andrade, who through his defense requested the annulment of the process. The judicial office decreed the nullity of the imputation made on July 25, 2019 and asked for clarity of the facts for which the former official was brought to justice.

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The new group of researchers from the Odebrecht case reviewed the process and decided to move forward with the accusation, considering that there are elements of judgment that would compromise Andrade’s responsibility for irregularities. Official sources indicated that in the case there is evidence that there were private interests that led to the adjudication and that crimes were committed in that process.

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The Prosecutor’s Office will not request an assurance measure against the former official, considering that the events occurred between 2014 and 2015 and that Andrade is no longer a civil servant, so there is no possibility of him repeating this type of conduct under investigation.

For these events, Roberto Prieto was also prosecuted; Leonardo Castro, legal representative of Yuma Concesionaria SA, and the legal representative of the company Salini Impregilo, Francesco Stopponi.

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Impulse to the case

In March of last year after the possession of the fiscal Fancisco Barbosa, the head of the prosecuting body determined to unify the entire Odebrecht process and hand it over to the Directorate delegated to the Supreme Court of Justice under the coordination of prosecutor Gabriel Jaimes.

The new managers of the casor they already have the 175 files and it was determined not to do individual investigations but to contextualize in general how the company was working and what was its modus operandi to come to attribute individual responsibilities to the people who participated in this network of bribery payments.

Sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated that with the entire process in one place it has been possible to have a new vision of the events and new lines of investigation have been found.

That methodology adopted by determination of the prosecutor Barbosa Delgado, official sources said, will lead to new charges and new decisions in the process.


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