With Baerbock the fairy tale runs backwards.

Kunfortunately people do. The old folk wisdom came back to us when the sad news ran over the ticker that Cinderella had died. Of course, the fairy tale and television character is not faded; it will gallop across our screens on its white horse for all eternity at Christmas. The time has blessed the Czech actress Libuše Šafránková, who will always be the only true cinderella for us. She will never again slip into the sumptuous robes that transformed the bohemian Cinderella into an enchanting princess. Everyone in the audience knew it wasn’t real. Nevertheless, everyone melted at the sight of a scoop of ice cream next to a pancake fresh from the pan.

Putin and Lukashenko must have relied on this effect when they recently met on a fairytale yacht in the Black Sea off Sochi. The Russian president wore a snow-white doublet like Cinderella Prince.

Lukashenko was wearing what looked like dark blue velvet. In addition to Putin, he still looked like the servant Vinzek in a fairy tale. Probably to show that he was the forefather of a Belarusian ruling dynasty, Lukashenko brought his youngest son with him to the floating castle. Putin, otherwise always superior to the guest, could not keep up.

Two cool dudes: Vladimir and Alexandr

It was also noticeable that both presidents wore sneakers in a decadent western style, even though they are more likely to be imagined in high boots. But they just played us a fairy tale: Once upon a time there were two cool dudes, Wladimir and Alexandr, who really just wanted to sit on the beach and fish. But they couldn’t even harm a fly, which is why they ate strawberry compote together. And if they haven’t died, then they eat and rule today.

While this demonstration was relatively easy to decipher, the three puzzles that a politician in Berlin posed to us, as if he were the German Cinderella, were pretty tough hazelnuts. They read: He’s wearing sneakers for an official occasion – but he’s not Joseph Fischer. He’s also wearing jeans – but he’s not the Mother of God on the new altarpiece in St. Clemens Church in the Sauerland. His outfit is completed by a black knitted sweater – but he’s not a CDU member either.

Our Cinderella is called Heiko

No wonder that you are now as perplexed as the prince in a fairy tale. But we want to make it short here: Our Cinderella is called Heiko. Maas did not appear in this act at a masked ball, but in front of the Foreign Office to announce in set words that Germany would ask Namibia and the descendants of the Herero for forgiveness for the genocide at the beginning of the last century. No wonder, then, that our Foreign Minister did not come in the usual Meuse suit, but went in sackcloth; the atrocities of that time should ultimately be called “without glossing over”.

Annalena Baerbock recently seemed a bit like Cinderella. However, in her case the film seems to be running backwards. The radiant princess threatens to turn into an ugly duckling. That’s what happens when you pretend to be something you are not. That doesn’t work out well in fairy tales, how should it go better in reality? Did the master of international law seriously believe that she could tweak her résumé without anyone noticing? When it comes to the keyword “German Marshall Fund”, everyone has been looking very carefully since it was counted among the “transatlantic swinger clubs” on ZDF a few years ago.

Can Claudia Roth help?

Now there is blood in the shoe and the percentages are falling. But does it really help that the Greens want to push Claudia Roth forward onto the stage? It has “an enormous impact on older, young-at-heart people,” said the Green Managing Director, Keller. He could have said that about the stepmother in “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”. She also wears flowing, colorful clothes. Her fate should be a warning to the Greens: If you try to move in with the cheating daughter in the castle, she ends up in the ice-cold water.


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