with “Chansons Hivernales”, Pierre Lapointe delivers his very personal version of Christmas

I love making people cry.“Pierre Lapointe, half-serious, half-amused, will never change. The ultra-productive Quebec singer, star in his land, more and more in our region, has experienced confinement in Montreal as a”reconnect to music“, considering that our”listening skills were much greater than in our previous life, since we must now put it that way.

So, what better way than to fulfill a 15 year old fantasy: writing a Christmas album. But beware, only original songs, beautiful and melodious of course, with the cynical, precise and committed background that makes its mark. With break-up songs, a duet with Mika, a Creole Christmas sung with Mélissa Laveaux, the feigned joy of being around the Christmas tree, Pierre Lapointe delivers his version of the holidays. “Christmas albums have long had a somewhat negative connotation, he judges, so I wanted to play with these codes.

I’m unable to write just stuff that bounces off the marshmallow, so every time my marshmallow gets a little burnt.

And until we can create a special show, on stage, “this album needs to age well, and if one or two of these songs are slaughtered by others in my industry one day, that will be a sign that I have succeeded in my job.“. The humor and finesse of a writing serving strong themes; last song on the album, Mom dad, confession of a young man rejected by his family after his coming out last year. If Christmas does not take place this year, at least there will have been this Pierre Lapointe record.

Pierre Lapointe’s personal Christmas album | The chronicle of Yann Bertrand

Pierre Lapointe, Winter Songs (Audiogram/Columbia). Album disponible.

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