With closed eyes Silvestre Dangond agreed to play Leandro Díaz

The Guajiro singer Silvestre Dangond will take on a new artistic challenge, he will be in charge of embodying on the small screen the late blind composer of Vallenato, the minstrel Leandro Diaz Duarte, recognized for being the author of classics of Vallenato music such as: Matilde Lina, The Crowned Goddess, The Summer, Cardón Guajiro and The Muzzle, just to mention some of his most popular lyrics, in which description and narrative reign.

The personal and artistic life of ‘El Homero de la Provincia’As this composer from Hatonuevo (La Guajira) is also known, he is very rich, there are 350 songs recorded by different artists such as Los Hermanos Zuleta, Diomedes Díaz, Jorge Oñate, Alejandro Durán, Iván Villazón, Silvio Brito, Carlos Vives, among a large number of artists of this folklore.

One of his most outstanding works is The Crowned Goddess, song that was partially taken up in the epigraph of the novel Love in the time of cholera by our Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “These places go ahead: they already have their goddess crowned “, reads the quote, strategically placed by the Magdalene writer after the page dedicated to his wife Mercedes Barcha.


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