With El Paso Galán, the District expands the hospital network

It was delivered this Thursday on Timely Health Care Point (Paso) in the José Antonio Galán neighborhood, where more than 14,000 people from the sector will be able to have primary care in a modern first-level complex unit, built in an area of ​​1,310 square meters, which will provide 24-hour emergency services, outpatient consultation and diagnostic support.

The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, assured that continue to strengthen the health system and that with this Step 31 The public network will be raised to 42 service units, counting the 11 Timely Medical Attention Centers (Camino) that operate in the localities.

The president indicated that the effectiveness of the public network was tested during the pandemic and that the virus could be controlled. Now they are in the vaccination process.

Neighbors of the sector had been asking for years for an adequate infrastructure to receive essential hospital services and the Paso Galán began to replace the old headquarters where there were not the necessary equipment or facilities.

“It was a community struggle that started many years ago. With Alejandro Char we walked many of these streets choosing the right place because –even- there was even controversy in the community because they wanted to do it on one side, they wanted to do it in the other and little by little we reached a consensus”Said the mayor.

He indicated that the investment was $ 12 billion with pro-hospital stamp resources.

Pumarejo announced that this year the new Nazareth Road will also be inaugurated, in which it is expected to offer specialized outpatient, hospital and health emergency care, with specialized medical technology.

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