With Emma, ​​even your mattress can be boosted with AI

It’s a long-term job that is coming to an end for Emma’s teams. The German bedding company has just presented its first connected mattress model. Called Emma Motion, it required two years of development before its launch in France this January for the price of 2,400 euros. It gives pride of place to innovation, relying in particular on artificial intelligence. The CEO of the startup, Manuel Mueller, specifies on this subject:

When we founded Emma, ​​we set out to improve people’s lives by changing the way they sleep. With the launch of our Emma Motion smart mattress, we are not only changing, but revolutionizing the way people sleep.

Technology at the service of sleep quality

In detail, this new product thus includes the “Infinite AI Sensor”, a mat that relies on AI to detect the sleeping position. Therefore the “Silent Move IQ” comes into action to adapt ” automatically and silently the mattress at each change of sleeping position “. The idea is therefore to achieve optimal alignment of the spine throughout the night. It is precisely on this factor that the quality of sleep is largely played out, according to Manuel Mueller.

© Emma

Emma Motion also incorporates a technology called “Diamond Degree” which adapts the temperature thanks to graphite particles present on the top layer of the mattress. Finally, the mattress can transmit this data to your smartphone and it will therefore be possible to closely scrutinize the quality of your sleep and to configure your connected object as well as possible.

As a reminder, Emma has succeeded in establishing itself as a highly reliable reputed brand in a highly competitive market. The company allows its customers to test their mattresses for a hundred days to get an opinion. A full refund without proof on the principle of satisfied or refunded is also on the program. These commercial guarantees seem to convince and have made Emma one of the leaders in the sale of mattresses online in Europe.


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