With exercise or birria, that’s how some chilangos started their day


The celebration of the 210th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico was different in this pandemic with the new normal.

But that was not an impediment for some Mexicans to leave their homes early and look for a place where they could cure the famous “crudita” with a good birria or a beer.

“We are looking for something warm and soupy for yesterday’s celebration,” said Javier Ávila, a diner.

-How do I celebrate the Cry of Independence?

“With the family, dancing, celebrating”

-How did you wake up?

“Awake half raw, birria and chelita to cure it, the birria here is the most chingona that I have tasted, I am a waiter, I was working, leaving the cubes, right now curing it,” said Jurguen another diner.

But not all were partying, some prefer not to celebrate and go out to exercise early.

“We did not do anything, in this time of epidemic we have to stay in shape, it is to take care of ourselves, everyone has the right to have fun from time to time nothing happens as long as they do it responsibly, if I do not handle it carefully and that’s it” said Jorge Red.

“I fell asleep early as soon as I heard the scream at home and I came to exercise, it’s cloudy, it’s cool, I was able to run 11 kilometers,” said Alejandro Yera.

The contrasts between those who suffered a hangover after lifting the jar and those who preferred to rest better to get up and exercise.

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