With Fleets, Twitter tries the ephemeral

As of Tuesday, November 18, Twitter users will be able to publish ephemeral content in messages intended to disappear the next day. Thanks to this new feature, called Fleets, the American social network wants to compete with other popular applications with a younger clientele.

It is through a tweet (of course) that Twitter explains to its 326 million users how Fleets works: “You can write a text. Share a tweet. Record a video. Or post a photo. They are live for twenty-four hours. ”

“Fleets”, an English word that refers “To the ‘ephemeral’ nature of a thought or an expression”, underline the New York Times, “will be rolled out to all iPhone and Android users around the world over the next few days ”.

The Wall Street Journal Explain how this new option works.

After clicking to share the tweet, users can add comments or emojis, for example, before posting. Fleets appear at the top of a user’s Twitter timeline. Each Fleet is customizable with various backgrounds and text options. ”

New trend in social networks

With Fleets, the microblogging social network thus imitates other social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, which evolve, analyzes the New York Times, “Towards more private and temporary sharing methods”.

“Videos and short posts have become popular and competitive features […] on social media platforms, specify it Wall Street Journal, companies channeling billions of dollars a year into online personalities, called influencers, who showcase their products on social media and help build user loyalty. ”

Twitter also announced the arrival of Spaces (“Espaces” in French). This feature, relate the channel CNBC, “Will allow users to join virtual rooms where they can have audio conversations with other users in real time”.

Martin Gauthier

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