With Joe Biden, what future for Canada-US relations?

The Canadian media generally hailed Joe Biden’s victory, but questioned whether Ottawa-Washington relations will change significantly under a Democratic presidency.

“Trump (finally) fired!” title Press. “The good news, written The duty, it is that the compass of democracy has continued to function. ” “Trump may have fallen, but he’s certainly not finished”, explains the National Post, referring to the Republicans’ legal remedies. Others, like the everyday The right or the magazine Maclean’s, discuss the challenges that await the president-elect when he takes power in January.

But the future of Ottawa-Washington relations is also at the heart of Canadian concerns. Under the leadership of the Republican President, they have been put to the test. Washington notably imposed punitive tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel and forced Canada to make concessions during the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Optimism in Ottawa

The political class trumpets its optimism in anticipation of the arrival of the Democrats in the White House. “I think Joe Biden and VP Harris will listen to Canada, bring more stability and predictability to our relationship,” declared on November 8 the head of the Canadian diplomacy, François-Philippe Champagne. “He is absolutely a friend of Canada”, indicated to Press former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on Joe Biden, and


Martin Gauthier

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