With llamas against Covid-19: New findings are promising

What if llamas could save us from the coronavirus? Thanks to these animals, science makes great research advances and brings interesting findings.

The immune system of llamas has antibodies that are particularly effective against coronaviruses. This realization also holds great hopes for us humans. Scientists around the world have been following for some time this hot lead.

Better antibodies

Scientist the Universityof Pittsburgh School of Medicine come up recently based on one in the trade journal Sciencepublished study on the astonishing findings: After you have infected a llama with Covid-19, you analyze the nano-antibodies of the animal.

The scientists find out that these antibodies are not only significantly smaller and more stable, but also much more effective against SARS-CoV-2.

In the process, the scientists also find that only a few of these nano-antibodies are sufficient to neutralize a number of coronaviruses that could infect millions of cells. Great news for research into a treatment.

The lama has a more complex defense system than we humans. Pat Gaines@Getty Images

Camel animals: a hot lead

Before we can speak of a miracle drug, however, further clinical studies are necessary to ensure that these nano-antibodies are harmless to humans. Even German scientists are already using a similar one, however Study carried out on dromedaries came to a comparable result.

Indeed, camel animals have antibodies that are unique in the animal world, in particular VHH-72, which is less complex in structure than human antibodies.

For the scientists, this comes in handy because it makes it easier to reproduce the antibodies. German scientists have also found an artificial antibody, a so-called Sybodywhich is very similar to the VHH-72 and could be used against Covid-19.

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