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WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world. For this reason, the changes to its privacy policy, which were recently announced, made world news.

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Among other things, it was known that it will begin to share data with the companies that are part of Facebook, the technology giant that is also its owner and who in turn owns Instagram.

It is important to say that people’s messages cannot be seen by the company, as they have a special encryption that guarantees it.

Among other data that the social network does take are the duration of the conversations and communication with other users, the location, the cell phone model, the contact list and in general the way the consumer uses the app.

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This sparked a wave of criticism that also had a negative impact on the app’s numbers. According to the Sensor Tower platform, the number of downloads decreased by as much as 11 percent. And it also caused other instant messaging services to enter the users’ radar.

People are no longer trading their privacy for free services. You no longer want to be taken hostage by tech monopolies

Among them is Telegram, which reported that nearly 25 million new accounts were registered in just 72 hours. “During the first week of January, Telegram surpassed 500 million active monthly users. After this, it continued to grow, “explained Pável Dúrov, its founder.

He said that in its seven years of existence it had already identified waves of new users, but stressed that this time it is different, as there are security reasons that would be driving them.

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“People no longer trade their privacy for free services. They no longer want to be held hostage by tech monopolies,” he added. Many interpreted his comments as a ‘hint’ to WhatsApp.

But who manages Telegram’s social media accounts did decide to be more direct with criticism of his competition. A meme was shared on the company’s official Twitter user, referring to the recent update of the privacy policy of Facebook’s instant messaging service.

(Can you read us from the app? See the tweet here).

The image shows two individuals dressed as Spiderman pointing to each other. So far it has reached about 150,000 ‘likes’ and more than 33,000 retweets.

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Other platforms like Signal have also increased their download figures in recent days, a fact that is probably related to the latest WhatsApp ads.

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