With Michèle Flournoy, soon a woman at the head of the Pentagon?

The future government of Democratic President Joe Biden could give pride of place to women. Michèle Flournoy is, in fact, tipped to be the next Minister of Defense, while Susan Rice could inherit the portfolio of Foreign Affairs.

Joe Biden is building, as he promised, “A government of diversity” underline the Guardian, with notably “Michèle Flournoy, former defense advisor to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama”, who could become “The first woman appointed to head the Pentagon”.

While Susan Rice, “Former national security adviser and former ambassador to the United Nations under Obama, could take the reins of the State Department”.

The appointment of Michèle Flournoy at the head of the Ministry of Defense, if it is confirmed, “Would come to close a particularly tumultuous chapter in the history of the Pentagon, which saw five ministers, all male, succeed one another during the mandate of Donald Trump”, note it Guardian.

Serial dismissals

The last Minister of Defense to date, Mark Esper, having been sacked on November 9 by Donald Trump following in particular “Disagreements over the deployment of the army against peaceful demonstrators”, explains the British daily.

As for the choice of Susan Rice for the management of Foreign Affairs, it appears as “A rather safe choice”, given the experience of the former US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Nevertheless “Joe Biden could experience difficulties in getting his choices approved by the Senate, if it remains with a Republican majority” after the second electoral round, next January, in the State of Georgia, where two senator’s seats remain to be filled, underlines the Guardian. In the United States, ministers appointed by the president must receive the approval of a majority of senators in order to take office.


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