With perseverance and long lines! This is how Heriberto Sandoval managed to enter Happy Saturdays

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In the midst of the stories they told ‘La Gorda Fabiola‘,’ Polilla ‘and Heriberto Sandoval on Facebook Live’Memories of Happy Saturdays‘, to commemorate the 49 years of Happy Saturdays, the interpreter of’ Pacífico Cabrera ‘ He narrated how was the process he had to go through to join the program of the Colombian television that every weekend draws a smile to the viewers.

In accordance with Heriberto Sandoval, he entered Happy Saturdays as most comedians do, through the ‘Tell Jokes’ section. Contrary to what many think, the comedian confessed that he had to fill himself with perseverance to win a place, since There was a line that started from the third floor of the canal facilities and ended at race 19.

At that time, Sandoval was studying in Malaga, so he had a rather particular proposal that the other participants had in mind. It was a routine with retahilas, which apparently weren’t what they were looking for; However, after many days of insisting, he met Óscar Meléndez, who assured him that his ideas were very good and that he should present himself as soon as possible.

The first time he got on stage in the ‘Tell Jokes’ section, he won; Nevertheless, had to work hard for the next seven years to continue to demonstrate his potential and link to the channel in which he remains to this day, with whom, in addition, he has formed an unconditional family in which to support himself.

“At the age of seven I won the first car they delivered in Happy Saturdays and after that I started to participate in the school campaign mainly, then as a librettist and then I was definitely linked, but until the year 91 I went directly to the cast“Sandoval commented.

Finally, he recalled the changes that television has had over time, as is the case of change from black and white to color that marked a milestone in the history of the country, as well as different events that led him to create characters like ‘Pacífico Cabrera’.

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