With the crisis, resignations and burnout are increasing in the hospital

FOCUS – According to a survey, more than 10,000 nurses and caregivers have already given up their vocation.

«I did not see more people like patients, but like meat. I couldn’t be empathetic anymore. ” After fifteen years of career as a nurse in the emergency department of a hospital in the south of France, Faustine *, 37, suffered a second burnout last August. She is now training to become a communication coach. “The coronavirus crisis has made it possible to see the disease that has plagued the hospital for several years”, she believes.

Under the effect of stress, increased tenfold by the Covid, Sandra *, a childcare assistant in the maternity ward, saw her hands become covered with psoriasis. “During the babies’ first bath, I had to explain to the parents that it was not contagious”, she sighs. In burn-out, she is now arrested and seeks a way of reconversion.

Difficult working conditions

Like these two women, many caregivers give up their vocation. A survey by the French Hospital Federation (FHF), conducted among 300 establishments at the end of September, reported 12,200 departures

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