With the “Fleets”, Twitter is adopting ephemeral tweets

Like a virulent remark in a tense conversation but quickly forgotten when the spirits calm down. After conclusive tests in Brazil, India or Italy, the Twitter social network is extending Fleets to the rest of the world on Tuesday.

This feature provides the option for the user to share an impulsive thought, either a tweet or a reaction to another tweet, which will be erased after 24 hours.

“Fleets invites the user to join the debate in a more confident way and with less pressure because these temporary tweets are not subject to retweet or like,” assures Joshua C. Harris, Director of Design.

The user will also be able to “fleeter” photos and videos while personalizing them with colored backgrounds or emojis.

An idea inspired by the competition

Basically, this is an expected development for the platform where the sometimes hot debates end in deleted tweets or disapproving screenshots.

Will these Fleets be subject to the same policy of moderation when they are intended to evaporate? Twitter is tackling the subject: “As with tweets, we encourage people to directly report Fleets breaking the rules by tapping on the ‘v’ icon (down arrow) for the Fleet in question. “

“We will take appropriate action based on Twitter rule violations within Fleets. Once a Fleet has expired, we keep a copy for a limited period of time in order to understand how the Fleets are used and to be able to enforce our rules, ”says one within the Californian company.

In form, the blue bird social network explores an instantaneous format on which Snapchat has built its reputation and which has spread to all other social networks, from Instagram Stories to self-destructing messages from WhatsApp. .

Twitter also draws from the competition, in particular with the progress bar of the consultation of Fleets, clearly borrowed from Instagram and its Stories.

The new format is integrated with the updates of the iOS and Android applications available this Tuesday afternoon.

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