With the goals of the kids and a lot of suffering, San Lorenzo beat Defensa and Montero breathes

The last ball, that cross by Miguel Merentiel headed by Walter Bou and lost very close to Sebastián Torrico’s goal, is a testament to the ninety minutes. Also, the applause of the large group of relatives who came from Florencio Varela. Defense and Justice dominated the entire game, especially in the second half, when he discounted thanks to Francisco Pizzini’s goal, and desperately sought the equalizer. But San Lorenzo won, despite suffering and anguish. He took advantage of two stopped balls in the first half to make opportunism and effectiveness a song. He was held in the hands of his veteran goalkeeper, held dangerously behind and did not finish him because of his enormous deficiencies to finish each counterattack. It was a necessary triumph in the midst of a tense climate, with the fans dissatisfied with the leadership due to the institutional and sports situation.

It did not need to generate large companies or a large volume of San Lorenzo gambling; hit him with two free throws. And a lot of sacrifice, of course. Because running after the one who holds the possession involves greater physical deployment. Possession without depth was a bad cocktail for Defense and Justice in the first stage. Just the complement, when Sebastián Beccacece moved the bench, his team gained ground and was much more incisive.

Paolo Montero knows the limitations of his squad. Because do not risk from the posture. Because he will be able to start from 3-4-3 at the start, but quickly, when the chips are accommodated, Andrés Herrera and Fernández Mercau are two full-backs who spend little on the attack. In the first half they were busier in containing Carlos Rotondi and Facundo Paredes, both of intermittent projections.

It is that Defense and Justice elaborated on the inside with Kevin Gutiérrez as an exit, but imprecise when he looked for the long cross pass. The central midfielder’s intentions were good, he was looking to break when San Lorenzo appeared from the bottom, but he lacked being finer. The best that Florencio Varela’s team produced came through a triangulation between Paredes, Walter Bou and Gabriel Hachen at the start and a stopped ball, already at a disadvantage, that did not end in a draw due to a great reaction from Torrico. Alexis Soto executed the free kick, Nazareno Colombo headed in and the 41-year-old goalkeeper showed reflexes and validity.

San Lorenzo got the goal that opened the doors to victory from a free kick by Nicolás Fernández. Twice shook Uvita, twice the ball bounced off the wall and his namesake Mercau took advantage of the third attempt to violate Ezequiel Unsain. The left-hander, powerful, flush, dug into the far corner.

The Cyclone had a plus. Despite the fact that the body already takes its toll due to age, Néstor Ortigoza it has conceptual clarity with no expiration date. With one touch you can dismantle any defense. It happened twice. First, to enable Franco Di Santo, who could not against Unsain. Then, almost at the end of the first half, to clear to the right, where Herrera was finally able to climb and Gutiérrez ended up lowering Siro Rosané. From that infraction came the second goal. Alexis Sabella’s center, Rosané’s header, a rebound from Tripicchio and the shout of Barça’s friends who filled the north stalls.

Beccacece pulled Hachen out and gave Merentiel wings. The Uruguayan was parked as a reference for the area and Bou was delayed to connect the team. And in a counterattack he found the goal. Alejandro Donatti left long, Uvita controlled badly, Rotondi returned for Bou and the Entre Ríos got a barbaric assist so that Pizzini, hand in hand with Torrico, defined the race. ORrtigoza remained in the photo looking at everyone from the middle.

What followed was a one-way trip to the arch of Mendoza. Montero chose to do without Sabella and Pittón and bet on Nahuel Barrios and Cristian Zapata. The changes were smart. In short, he looked for speed in the Puppy for the replica and height in the Colombian for the centers that were sensed in the Torrico area.

And the Condor He returned to save against Bou after a free kick that left Panterita below the goal. Afterwards, he covered before Rotondi. San Lorenzo was getting further and further behind. And as exciting as the Puppy was, Di Santo had a black afternoon. Also Elías, who replaced Ortigoza, and lost 3 to 1.

Donatti’s penalty was claimed. Fernando Espinoza was successful. Bou’s shot bounced off Elías before hitting the defender’s hand. The result has no correlate in development. San Lorenzo must evaluate whether the bread he enjoys today does not taste hard tomorrow.

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