“With them only mass graves” Zingaretti’s shock attack on Salvini and Meloni

When yesterday he arrived at the Unity Day at the Parco Nord in Bologna he immediately started to put on a show with his releases; however, the real sentence of the Pd secretary Nicola Zingaretti came a little further, when he explained that if during the Coronavirus emergency there had been a center-right government, the consequence could have been that of having mass graves on Italian beaches. A quotation mark, the one reported by “The print”, which made the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, go on a rampage.

The petty irony of Gypsies he starts since he recommends everyone to keep their distance, just for the fact that “if we are too close, Salvini posts the photo“. The first mandatory questions are on the referendum and on the position taken by his party: it seems clear from the outset that the “do ut des” built with CinqueStelle it is based on the acceptance by the latter of the reform of the electoral law in exchange for supporting the “Yes” in the referendum next September. Di Maio’s opening in this sense is a clear sign: “What he says confirms that we must continue to fight for a reform process to open.” But it’s all part of one exchange of favors, after all“the cut of parliamentarians is part of the government agreement”, admits Zingaretti.

What makes you smile most (in a decidedly bitter way) is that the secretary of the Democratic Party now accuses Europe of having minimized on the Covid problem, neglecting to mention its now famous aperitif on the Navigli in Milan, when he and his party had not become aware of the real extent of the problem.“At the beginning, Europe did not think Covid was a big problem. It believed it was an Italian issue. We were the ones who convinced Brussels”, the president of the Lazio region is self-congratulated.“If today over 200 billion of Recovery Funds reach us, it is because we are engaged in negotiations. If we had had Salvini and Meloni in the government, who attack Europe every day and who have the negationist attitudes of their Bolsonaro friends about the virus and Orban, where would we be today? “. And here comes the shameful shot: “With the mass graves on the beaches? “.

Needless to explain that the words reported by “The print” they have caused a real ruckus in the political world.“I was shocked when I read the words of Nicola Zingaretti reported today by the newspaper ‘La Stampa’ and that the secretary of the Democratic Party would have pronounced yesterday at the Unity Day from Bologna”, tells a furious Giorgia Meloni.“According to Zingaretti ‘if we had had the Salvini and Meloni government, who attack Europe every day and who have attitudes about the virus deniers of their friends Bolsonaro and Orban, where would we be today? With mass graves on the beaches? ‘ We are talking about quoted declarations and that so far no one has denied “, recalls the president of the Brothers of Italy.

One of the two: either Zingaretti really uttered these words and this would be of unprecedented gravity; or if he has not said them but does not deny them, then it means that he shares them and his silence counts as assent. Which would be equally ignoble and betrays the idea that these heirs of Tito and the communist culture have political opponents, to whom he associates the terms ‘mass graves’. I am disgusted by this left, which preaches respect but spreads hatred and insults without restraint those who think differently“, sinks again Giorgia Meloni, who then adds a note to remember the attitude of the Pd secretary in unsuspecting times. “And to say that when you, dear Zingaretti, took Covid thanks to your attitudes – yes – deniers, model ‘we go around acting stupid with spritz because the only virus is racism’, we wished you with sincerity, speedy recovery, instead of saying that you were looking for it, as you certainly would have done with us “.

In the evening, the leader of the Brothers of Italy increased the dose: “Gypsies, but it takes a nice face to tell us that we are the deniers, because when we asked to quarantine those returning from China, you were embracing the Chinese and you said that the only virus was racism! and you were fooling to have aperitifs in Milan! But how dare you, we have never denied anything …. “. And in Lecce, during an electoral rally, he exclaimed: “We do not accept accusations of responsibility that we do not have”.

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