Withdrawal of foreign capital from China’s offshore renminbi, the U.S. market depreciated more than 400 basis points, the median price depreciated about 200 basis points | Anue

China has strengthened its industrial supervision and has not even eliminated the drastic means of forcing the market to delist. Foreign capital has fled the Greater China market in large numbers, even ifDollarThe index fell, but under the impact of the frantic flight of funds,RenminbiDerogation is heavier, offshoreRenminbiThe U.S. collapsed by 426 basis points and closed at 1 DollarAgainst 6.5233 Renminbi, Degraded to break the 6.5 mark.

Wednesday (28th) China Foreign Exchange Trading Center willRenminbiAgainstDollarThe mid-price has been depreciated by 195 basis points at 1 Dollar6.4929 Renminbi

China Merchants Bank said that risk aversion in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets has increased, affecting the performance of the stock market and triggeringRenminbiExchange rate fluctuations.RenminbiThe exchange rate itself has the need to make up for declines, coupled with factors such as the external environment and the stock market crash, make theRenminbiThe exchange rate has departed from the recent narrow fluctuations.

China Merchants Bank believes that at the point in time when global risk appetite declines and risk assets are backing up,RenminbiThe pressure of exchange rate depreciation will increase.

Industrial Bank alleged that it was supported by high demand for foreign exchange settlement.RenminbiThe pressure on the short-term correction of the exchange rate is within the controllable range.

Foreign traders mentioned that after Black Monday, A shares and Hong Kong stocks continued to plummet on Tuesday (27th), and the market’s risk aversion sentiment rose rapidly.At the same time, offshoreRenminbiAfter breaking the important support price of 6.5, it madeRenminbiThere is room for downward depreciation, but there are still many uncertainties.

He added that in August, the time for Chinese-funded companies to remit dividends is approaching, which may also be right.RenminbiTrading sentiment has an impact.

In the early hours of this morning, the US market, offshoreRenminbiDegraded 1 DollarAgainst 6.5 RenminbiAfter the important checkpoint, the morning is offshoreRenminbiStable, but still weak.As of 10:13 am, offshoreRenminbiInterim Report 1 DollarAgainst 6.5157 Renminbi, The appreciation was 79 basis points, an amplitude of 0.12%.

Source: Sina Finance.OffshoreRenminbiDaily trend

On shoreRenminbiTentative report 1 DollarAgainst 6.5053 Renminbi, The appreciation was 59 basis points, an amplitude of 0.09%.

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