Within families, “the Covid is worse than religion and politics”

For Sophie, “The drop of water too much”, it was to learn that his companion had marched, this summer, in the anti-sanitary pass procession led by Florian Philippot’s Les Patriotes party. “Demonstrating with the extreme right, that I did not support, it is contrary to all our values, it exceeded my limits”, she explains, on long-term sick leave since an accident. After four years of living together, it is the break. He packs his bags and leaves the small house where he lived with her and her two children, born from a previous union. The consequence, according to Sophie (whose first name has been changed), “An anti-tax and conspiratorial turn” which had the collateral effect of exploding their reconstituted family unit.

In question, tells us this mother of a family met after a call for testimonies launched on the site of World about family ties put to the test by the health crisis: “A total psychosis linked to Covid” of his ex-companion. Everyone who responded to us requested anonymity.

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When she collects her memories today, it is above all her “Completely inconsistent behavior” in the face of the pandemic that is coming back to him. “I knew he was a hypochondriac but, from the start of the health crisis, it turned into an obsession. It was panic on board, it was necessary for example to leave the races outside for hours before disinfecting everything ”, she remembers. But, conversely, when the first confinement was announced, “He who had always been what I call a little nastily a couch larva [rires] began to find all the reasons to go out to the maximum, by accumulating false certificates “. She prefers to laugh about it: “The bitch has never taken so many walks as during these two months. “

“It was a waste of time”

Less funny, his companion, then unemployed, starts to watch a lot of videos “Conspirators, QAnon movement” on the computer which then sits in the living room. In the space of a few months, Sophie witnessed, helplessly, what she compared to a sectarian drift. “He was making speeches that weren’t coherent, and that weren’t him. For example, when we didn’t have masks, he would cry foul of the state and the day we had to wear them, it was out of the question. “ Quite distraught, she encouraged him to consult and, faced with her refusal, spoke to their attending physician, but it was a failure: “He stopped going to see him and changed doctors”. As soon as it comes to the issue of the Covid and the government’s management of the crisis, which it hates, discussions become tense. “I tried to get him out of his thing with pedagogy, by arguing, but it was wasted effort”, explains the one who hears several times treated of “Torch” and of « collabo ».

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