Within hours… the fall of a gang that stole Egyptians’ bank accounts

Within 48 hours, the relevant security services at the Egyptian Ministry of Interior succeeded in seizing a gang formation that seized more than two million pounds from citizens’ bank accounts.

It was a detective department Combating public money crimes At the Cairo Security Directorate, he received a report that a number of citizens had been exposed to fraud, by an unknown person calling them and claiming his work in a bank, and that they were entitled to sums of money as prizes following a random drawing, and obtained from them their personal account data, claiming that money was deposited therein.

This data was used to make withdrawals of money from their accounts, by buying points for electronic games via the international information network “Internet”, then reselling those points through e-marketing sites at a price lower than their counterparts, and transferring them to smart wallets and money transfer services through mobile.

A criminal research team was formed, and its efforts, using modern technology, tracking the movement of seized assets, and the geographical ranges of the numbers used in those communications, concluded that behind the commission of this criminal activity, a gang formed of 5 people, two of whom had criminal information.

After codifying the procedures, in coordination with the concerned security services, they were arrested, one of them was in possession of a phone and 7 mobile phone cards used in the commission of the incidents.

By developing their discussion, they added that they purchased plots of land and real estate from the proceeds of the fraud incidents, and deposited the rest of the seized amounts in their personal accounts in the banks. And notify the Public Prosecution Office to initiate an investigation.

A few days ago, all banks operating in the Egyptian market warned of the possibility of personal accounts being stolen by disclosing any data of people via phone calls.

During the last period, fraud and theft of bank accounts spread to a number of people who disclosed the secret numbers of their bank accounts to people who called their phones claiming to win financial prizes or claiming that they were bank employees and asking for account details and using them in fraud and theft of balances in the accounts.

The National Bank of Egypt issued a statement with the aim of educating its customers and all citizens that fraud has various forms, as it indicated the need to be careful on the part of customers in preserving their personal or bank data, or their account numbers and bank cards of all kinds, or secret numbers by not circulating them by any means or Make it to any person or entity that may be contacted to request that data.

Al-Ahly Al-Masry stressed that it did not and will not ask customers for any data, whether through telephone communications, through websites, social networking sites, or even via e-mail or any person who contacts the customer to request it, with the importance of not dealing with any link on electronic means. The source is unknown or documented.

In a separate statement, Banque Misr said that over the past period, it has been sending text messages to customers warning them of fraudulent messages and calls, which may come to them from people claiming to be affiliated with Banque Misr or any of the government agencies, with a request from customers to provide them with information about their people or accounts. banking.

He stressed that those messages that he had been sending to clients indicated the need to inform the bank immediately in the event of this happening, in addition to publishing explanatory videos on the bank’s social media platforms warning clients of these risks.


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