“Without Cambridge Analytica, there would have been no Brexit”? A theory now undermined – RT in French

Latest report from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office challenges the hypothesis that Brexit would not have happened without the help of Cambridge Analytica, at the heart of a personal data theft scandal .

Known by the acronym ICO, the British Information Commissioner’s Office (equivalent to the French CNIL) published on October 7 on its site the conclusions of its investigation into the use of personal information for political purposes, notably involving the company Cambridge Analytica. As a reminder, the late company found itself in 2018 at the heart of a scandal of massive theft of personal data which would have served to influence the results of Donald Trump’s American election, or the British vote in favor of Brexit: two Election deadlines for which Russia has also been the subject of numerous accusations of interference.

We found no further evidence of Russian involvement

«[Cambridge Analytica] was not involved in the referendum campaign on [le Brexit] beyond a study of data from the UKIP party at the start of the referendum process, ”says ICO Commissioner Elizabeth Denham today who, after investigating the case for three years, explains that she has no additional information allowing him to modify his previous opinion in this direction. In addition, on the subject of a possible “Russian interference” in the above-mentioned electoral processes, the Commissioner recalls that in the past she has already transmitted the details of “a possible activity located in Russia” to the National Agency for the Fight against Crime . “We have not found other evidence on the involvement of Russia,” she says, based on the analysis of the Cambridge Analytica material that her team was able to access.

Founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of the British strategic communications company SCL Group, Cambridge Analytica declared bankruptcy two months after the scandal of March 2018 in which it was accused of collecting and exploiting, without their consent. , personal data of Facebook users for political purposes.

In any event, to take only the example of the French press, the affair, as well as its developments, had been the subject of a major media phenomenon directly calling into question the choice of voters during the two elections which particularly marked the year 2016.

“Without Cambridge Analytica, there would have been no Brexit”, headlines for example in March 2018 France info and Release, citing a statement by the British firm’s former research director; “Cambridge Analytica played a ‘crucial role’ in Brexit”, also agreed Paris Match in the same period; “New accusations against Cambridge Analytica and Russian interference in the American campaign”, headlined the newspaper. The world few weeks later ; “The Russian shadow hovers a little more over Brexit”, wrote again The Parisian in June of the same year.

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