Without quota and without exam: the changes to enter the Medicine career

The National University of Tucumán reported that, as of next year, admission to the Faculty of Medicine will not have a quota or exam: applicants to enter the career must take a compulsory course.

“To enroll in the career, it is a mandatory condition to previously take the Virtual Course of Atmosphere to University Life, which will begin in September of this year,” reported the Faculty of the neighboring province.

This course will be developed in the Virtual Campus of the Faculty of Medicine asynchronously and will begin the first days of September 2021. To access this course, a photocopy of ID and proof of regular student of the last year of high school must be presented (or DNI and proof of title in process / Secondary title for those who graduated from high school, previous years).

Finally, he informed that the regulations and other characteristics will be published shortly on the Faculty website and other media.


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