Without solution, shortage in cancer medicine

Zacatecas.- The state still has no solution to the shortage of cancer drugs, reported Susan Cabral Bujdud, president of the Mexican Association for the Help of Children with Cancer (AMANC).

This despite the fact that on May 11 Cabral Bujdud announced that the Secretary of Health of Zacatecas, Gilberto Breña Cantú, that in 10 days there will be a response from the Federation for the supply of oncological drugs in the entity, to which no there has been a response.

Cabral Bujdud explained that the necessary drugs are the basis for chemotherapies and, although some keys are in existence, the necessary units are not available. “Maybe in the hospital they send eight pieces, but 30 are needed, they can say that the keys are there, but they are not in the quantities or volumes that are required”

Cabral Bujdud explained that the authorities in the state have communicated that the federal health authority is the one who says that “Zacatecas cannot buy the medicine, which will be sent from Mexico City, but unfortunately it does not arrive.”

The president of AMANC said that given the announcement of the purchase of oncological drugs abroad by the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, it is expected that it will benefit the state and that the promises that have been made during the previous months will be fulfilled.

He specified that the association has bought the medicine that comes from abroad, to which he expressed “we hope that now the commitments are fulfilled, because many months have passed and what has affected many children is not being solved.”

Before the announcement of the purchase of the drug, a meeting will be sought in central offices with those in charge of distributing so that they know the situation of the state, where the association has been covering the shortages.

Cabral Bujdud added that the drug deficit problem has not been addressed in the state by the Federation because there have been no demonstrations by the parents of children with cancer, as has been done in other entities.

“Parents have always felt supported by AMANC and that has allowed them not to have one more problem, since the federal government delivers drugs to those who speak out, and in Zacatecas AMANC has continued to support them,” he said.

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