Without them everything is nothing

DWe know that friendships are special. After all, 85 percent of Germans consider good friends to be particularly important. They are considered the last lifebuoy on the Titanic at a time when almost every second marriage is divorced, when you can hardly rely on employment relationships more than on the loyalty of the brown bear, and when a pandemic is pulling the floor from under our feet. Friends not only make life more beautiful, they also make it longer. Women add four years to friendships on their lifetime account. Men even five. This is the result of a large-scale British investigation. But friendship not only fulfills needs, it also has needs itself. Because as beautiful and unique and wonderful as friendship is, it can be puzzling, grueling, frustrating and fleeting. There is no food without washing up, and even the most intimate friendship is not without challenges, misunderstandings and hurdles.

Initiate friendships

Some find friendship as easy as breathing. But many find it difficult. In recent years, the so-called loneliness rate has increased by 15 percent. And more and more younger people are suffering from the feeling that studies have shown that they have what it takes to be the next pandemic. With corresponding health consequences. Because loneliness has been shown to promote diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and Alzheimer’s. A paradox given all the social media that are so eager to make friends easier for us. But at the same time they also ensure that we believe we have done the friendship with a click or a like.


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