News Witness: Artist Nancy Ajram raises a controversy with a...

Witness: Artist Nancy Ajram raises a controversy with a sexy dance, laughter and flirtation with a strange man inside her house .. This way since the incident of Muhammad al-Musa was killed by her Hashem husband (video)


Activists circulated a video clip of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, in which Saida and her spontaneity appeared in the scenes of “The Voice Kids” before the last episode.

Nancy Ajram appeared in the video transmitted by “Al Khaleej”, laughing and dancing in the hands of the hairdresser in a remarkable way, which is the first in which she looks that way since the incident of Muhammad Al-Mousa being killed inside her house by her husband Fadi Al-Hashem.

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The actress Nancy Ajram raises a controversy with a sexy dance, laughter and flirtation with a strange man inside her house .. This way since the incident of Muhammad al-Musa was killed by her Hashem husband (video)

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It is reported that the third season of “The Voice Kids” ended, on Saturday, with the victory of Mohamed Islam Romih of Nancy Ajram team.

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