Witness: Balqis reveals bold details of her separation from her husband

Yemeni artist Balqis Fathi broke her silence to reveal to her fans the details of her decisive decision and the period in which she took the decision to separate from her husband, businessman Sultan Abdul Latif, and some of the reasons that led her to this matter, after the huge uproar that she caused by announcing her divorce.

Belqis spoke boldly and spontaneously about the matter, declaring that she had made the decision a long time ago and decided that the relationship between her and her husband would be based on respect only for the presence of their Turkish son, according to (her).

She said spontaneously: “A long time ago, I made the decision between me and myself that I am Turkish and our relationship is respectful, but I do not have complete marriage, and after a while I experienced what I feel.”

And about the reasons, she replied by saying: “It is normal, this is a share and a letter, and God is a writer. It will happen like this, and praise be to God for everything and in every case.”

It is noteworthy that the Bahraini artist married Sultan in a huge ceremony in the Burj Khalifa in 2016 and gave birth to her only son Turki on May 12, 2018, and she is keen to keep him away from the media to protect him from annoying comments or bullying.


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