WM 2022 in the ARD: grade 1 for wrecking ball Sedlaczek! TV criticism of the DFB-Aus | Sports

The German World Cup embarrassment becomes their moment of glory!

How ARD woman Esther Sedlaczek (37) works her way through the DFB ruins with adjutant Bastian Schweinsteiger (38) after the World Cup disaster, that had something of a wrecking ball. “Do you really believe that?” Climax: Your 1:1 interrogation with national team manager Oliver Bierhoff (54)!

Who do you feel angry at? What role did the OneLove theater play in the exit? Also very strong and sorely needed: her job question…

Esther: “It is the third disappointing tournament under your aegis. There are quite a few who say maybe there is a need for a change in this position too – are you thinking about that?”

Answer Teflon-Bierhoff: “(…) I’ve been there for 18 years now, maybe you look at the whole balance sheet and evaluate objectively. I have a really good feeling about that. Unfortunately, after three bad tournaments, I don’t have much that I can do against it.”

After the game, DFB sports director Oliver Bierhoff Sedlaczek presented himself

Photo: ARD

The fifa fanatic Infantino feels homosexual, disabled and as a guest worker. The inventor of the marketing bluff “The Team” feels good about himself even after the third disaster tournament in a row.

This WM is so broken. Inevitably one wishes to go back to the times of Weißbier-Waldi and Vulkan Völler: “The thing with the low point and again a low point and again a lower low point. I can’t listen to that shit anymore!”

Everyone was talking about her! SHE is the assistant referee with the evil eye

Almost 20 years ago, Zoffing was live on TV and history was made. Today, grievances and mistakes are simply grinned away. The suspicion creeps up on you: That’s how it has to work in the Mimimi cabin. It’s a good thing that the always strictly braided Sedlaczek doesn’t join in and unpacks the verbal tackle. A strong woman in the fabric softener world of the DFB. Please keep it up!

After the embarrassing DFB knockout, one last explosive World Cup question remains to be clarified: What is actually wrong with our WAGs (wives and girlfriends)? While the celebration women from England and Wales have now drunk half of Qatar empty, there are only Brummel pictures from the stands of Lady Goretzka and Co. Not thirsty? Dancing leg allergy? Don’t feel like lunging?

Be happy that you too are now flying home with your football dwarves! Otherwise we would have sent you summer house specialist Mario Basler to the desert hotel to escalate the party. It can’t go on like this…

Monster act that hardly anyone talks about Here a Schalke spoiled the round of 16 for us

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