Wölbitsch ad Wien Energie: The next proof: SPÖ does business at the expense of the citizens

2023-06-03 07:43:20

Another report shows irresponsible behavior at Wien Energie

Vienna (OTS) “Another report and the next proof of the irresponsible actions of the SPÖ and Wien Energie,” said the club chairman of the Vienna People’s Party Markus Wölbitsch in view of today’s reporting in the “Kronen Zeitung”.

As early as March of this year, an expert report confirmed that the business policy pursued by Wien Energie is trying to maximize profits, but at the same time there is no protection against rising prices for end customers.

According to “Krone”, the current report comes to the conclusion that retaining the business model via the Wien Energie stock exchange not only resulted in a loss of EUR 910 million in revenue, but also avoidable additional costs of EUR 377 million, which further episode were passed on to the customers. “The SPÖ and Wien Energie do business at the expense of the citizens,” Wölbitsch continued.

The interrogations in the commission of inquiry initiated by the Vienna People’s Party have also shown that the actions here were completely irresponsible and chaotic.

“It cannot be that those responsible in the SPÖ and the city allow a business policy in this form. A change to this is therefore urgently required,” Wölbitsch continued and finally: “How much evidence should still come to the surface before there is finally a reaction here?”

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