Wolves show strong performance in the women’s premier class: St. Pölten barely misses sensation in Malmö

With her late equalizer to 2-2, Swedish veteran Caroline Seger dampened the joy of the spusu SKN women in the first leg of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. After two Zver goals, shortly after the half-time break, they were already 2-0 in the front. Despite the draw, everything is still possible in the second leg in St Pölten (next Wednesday, 8.30 p.m. – live on ORF Sport +)!

The weather in Malmö Idrottsplats was not exactly inviting, with fog and temperatures around freezing point, the wolf women of the spusu SKN started their premiere – for the first time the St. Pölten women played a game in the round of 16 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. That the support team did good preparatory work was shown by Mateja Zver’s opening goal: A long ball from goalkeeper Kresche was headed from Zágor to Mikolajová, who looked up briefly and put it down on her Slovenian teammate and completed it. Goalkeeper Kresche was also strong in the first half, she defused several dangerous balls in the first 45 minutes.

Later equalizer for the Swedes
With the first attack after the break, Mateja Zver stepped up, left three opponents and made it 2-0. But then the Swedes turned up and showed their class. First Balog saved on the line, but then Troelsgaard lifted up to the next goal. Kresche was in great shape even after the break and cleared a free kick to the corner just before the end, but had to fish the ball out of the net again in stoppage time – veteran Caroline Seger equalized to 2-2 in overtime.

The late goal clouded the joy of the St. Pölten women, but the chance for the quarter-finals is still alive. This will take place next Wednesday (March 10th) at prime time, at 8.30 p.m. The game is played in the NV Arena. ORF Sport + broadcasts live.

UEFA Women’s Champions League – first leg round of 16
FC Rosengard – spusu SKN St.Pölten Women 2: 2 (0: 1)
Isabella Kresche, Anna Bereuter, Alexandra Biroova, Adina Hamidovic (76 min. Nicole Sauer), Leonarda Balog, Isabelle Meyer (Kristrun Antonsdottir), Jasmin Eder, Maria Mikolajová (58 min) Jennifer Klein), Bernadett Zagor (58 min) Melanie Brunnthaler, Mateja Zver, Stefanie Enzinger (68th Min. Lisa Marie Makas)

Tore: Sanne Troelsgaard (68th), Caroline Seger (90th); Mateja Zver (21st, 46th)

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