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Sarah Shellenberger, a forty-year-old woman, gave birth recently to baby of her late husband 14 months after losing him.

Scott Shellenberger, Sarah’s husband, 41, died of a heart attack in February 2020, but the widow was able to conceive her child through frozen embryos.

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The newspaper The Mirror reported that Sarah Y Scott They met while studying at Southern Nazarene University, but only started dating when Scott contacted Sarah on Facebook in 2017.

According to the British media, it was a dizzying romance with the couple getting engaged four months after meeting in person and getting married in September 2018.

They immediately began trying to have children, but had difficulty conceiving and eventually their doctor told them that their only hope of becoming parents was with embryo implantation.

Due to the high cost of embryo implantation in the United States, the couple went to Barbados Fertility Center for the extraction of ovules. The first intervention was in December 2019.

Scott was unable to accompany Sarah on the trip because she had limited vacation time, so her mother, Sherry, 64, went with her.

Sarah and Scott had completed the paperwork before beginning the embryo process, including what would happen to the embryos if a spouse died.

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The couple had finished the embryo fertilization process when the science professor went into cardiac arrest while giving a university lecture in February 2020.

Knowing that her late husband would have wanted them to have babies, Sarah conceived with the embryo frozen six months after the death of Scott. The woman also revealed to The Mirror that there is a last viable embryo that she hopes to use for another baby through the same process.

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Sarah gave birth to their son Hayes on May 3 with his mother by her side.

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