world "Woman has lost everything after nosebleed" Abroad

“Woman has lost everything after nosebleed” Abroad


British media such as the Daily Mail and Mirror write this. Clayton developed a nosebleed in November 2019, after which she contracted a very rare condition. This caused a hitch in the transmission of signals between the brain and nervous system.

The Functional Neurological Disorders (FND) is rare, but more common. There is an interest group that is happy with the attention to Sophie’s story.

Immediately after the nose bleed Sophie forgot more and more. First her pin code. Then the date of that day. And her own name within minutes. That was the signal to rush Sophie to the hospital.

As a result, she had to get to know her boyfriend again – the two had a 2.5-year relationship. This Jonathan, also 26 years old, picked up the photo album and “proved” that the two had already had many beautiful moments. He took her to the same places, to relive all the highlights, including the day he dated Sophie.

Everything for the first time

Sophie is now picking up life again. British media have published video footage showing how she learns to walk after the incident, carefully shuffling.

“After everything happened, I was shocked. I was sad that I had lost 26 years of memories. But I am happy to make new memories. I fell in love with Jonathan again. It is quite special to do things with him for the first time. He recently took me to the beach for the first time. That was amazing.”



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