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The end of the hit Turkish soap opera “” (“”In its original language) is very close and the Spanish public is increasingly anxious to know the outcome of this fiction, which first arrived on Antena 3 on May 7, 2020.

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And it is not for less, because after three seasons, this production is about to say goodbye to the faithful audience that accompanied it for more than a year. As a result of the great expectations generated by the broadcast of the latest episodes, we will tell you how you can watch them without missing any details.

For this, we must take into account that last Monday, July 12, Antena 3 broadcast the last 30 minutes of episode 79 and the first 26 of chapter 80, leaving more than half of this installment for Tuesday 13, but it did not broadcast it either. full; that is just this week we will be able to know what the characters have in store.

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Taking into account that an average of 50 minutes of the penultimate chapter of a total of 81 episodes still needs to be broadcast, the grand finale would be divided into parts again.

Bahar is determined to be happy, giving her love with Raif a chance, her only shadow is Sirin. (Photo: Fox Turkey)


If we follow the mechanics of previous days, Chapter 80 of “Woman” will be broadcast by Antena 3 on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 July at 22:45 hours.. If you want to see the broadcast live and you are away from home, you can enter the website of the open signal channel:

Although it is planned that the end of “Kadin” will take place this week, nothing is defined yet, since a doubt has been generated, thinking that the television network could schedule a special event as a farewell.

Although there is still no news about it, we can only wait to discover the strategy with which they will close the story of Bahar, played by the Turkish actress Özge Özpirinçci, with a flourish.

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Sirin is desperate for money.  (Fox Turkey)
Sirin is desperate for money. (Fox Turkey)


In chapter 80 of “Woman” we see Sirin desperate for money, so she decides to go to Bahar’s house to get it, running the risk of being discovered by the protagonist or Enver.

What will happen? It will be discovered by the Bahar who is about to go down to vote the garbage or it will be seen by Enver, who left his premises to make a delivery to a customer. We will have the answer to this question today, Monday, July 19, at 10:45 p.m. on Antena 3.

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If everything runs its normal course, the last chapter of “Woman”, number 81, will be broadcast this Tuesday 20 of July.

Sirin hides from Bahar when he went to his house to get money.  (Fox Turkey)
Sirin hides from Bahar when he went to his house to get money. (Fox Turkey)


Here is a summary of what will happen in the outcome of the Turkish series. In this final stretch, the plot is red hot and there are still many unknowns: Will Bahar triumph? Will Sirin escape? Will Ceyda’s romance with Raif end in a wedding?

Bahar is determined to be happy, giving her love with Raif a chance, her only shadow is Sirin. Seeing how Doruk was about to jump out the window because of him has exceeded all imaginable limits.

Şirin is still missing. Enver cannot believe that his young daughter could have done so much evil and will want to know through the doctors how far he could act because of her illness. Psychiatrists have pointed out that “Sirin is capable of hiding her illness and pretending that she is fine because she is so smart. It would be dangerous if she does not take her medication well and that the best thing for her is to enter it. I had already warned Hatice “. Bahar wants justice.

The best news about Arda, she can stay with Fazilet, who then makes a surprising proposal to Ceyda: “Will you marry me?”. She, very happy, accepts and puts on the ring.

Sirin, meanwhile, calls Enver for help. “I have no one apart from you. I want to leave this city to start a new life. It is my last chance because if I stay here I will no longer be able to change “. What will happen in the final chapter?


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