Woman says goodbye to her late husband dancing reggaeton on his coffin

The video of the peculiar farewell went viral on social networks and generated various reactions

Viral Instagram: Wife says goodbye to her partner dancing reggaeton on his coffin. Photo: Capture

In Colombia, a woman fired her late husband dancing reggaeton on his coffin. The event, which occurred during the funeral, was recorded on video and has become viral on Instagram and other social networks.

The woman chose to dance on the coffin of her late husband in front of all the attendees. Many people applauded her and encouraged her to continue dancing.

As can be seen in the video, while dancing, the woman expresses pain, as she approaches the window where her husband’s face can be seen, touches him and kisses him.

The peculiar event took place in Manta and was recorded on video by the attendees. One of them shared it on social networks, where it quickly went viral.

This unique event occurred on September 10. It was the funeral of the merchant Marlon Mero Quijije, 38 years old.

The audiovisual material that captured the farewell that the woman gave to her husband went viral on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks, where it generated various reactions.


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