Woman who was carrying out a bank procedure in the south of Cali disappears

The last thing that was heard from Ana Patricia Mejía was that she was going to a cashier in the El Cedro neighborhood. Photo: Poster taken from social networks

Since Thursday, relatives and friends of Ana Patricia Mejía, 48, have not heard from this woman, who was seen for the last time when she left her work to go to get money from an ATM in the Los Cedros neighborhood, in the south of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

As reported in the newspaper El País de Cali, the most traditional in that city, Mejía works at Llantas Emotion, an auto parts marketer, whose headquarters are located at Carrera 27 with Calle 7ª. There he notified, at the end of Thursday noon, that he was going to do the bank procedure at a nearby ATM.

“She left work almost at 1 in the afternoon and told the assistant that she was going to make a withdrawal at the ATM, she took out her cell phone and wallet. From the workplace to the cashier there are two or three blocks, just as she left in the car “, He told El País, Sebastián Bustamante, son of the disappeared.

In a video from the security camera at the workplace of this woman, it recorded precisely when she left to perform her banking diligence, but The hours began to pass and the woman did not return to the auto parts marketer where she works and did not respond to the calls made to her cell phone, so they contacted her relatives, to check if he was with them.

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“The workers contacted us to ask if she was with us, but no. There we realized that something bad was happening because she never gets lost that way. We set out to search for her in the sector, but no one gave us a reason”, The son told the Valle del Cauca newspaper.

Busdamente also indicated in El País, that her mother had no problems due to sentimental or financial relationships. They were also unaware that she had been threatened, however, she did not rule out that her work in Human Resources could have caused this disappearance.

“She has no problems with anyone, but the researchers told us that one of the hypotheses is that perhaps this is the work of one of the former workers, since she works in human resources, so she has had to fire people and some may have taken revenge. It is only one of the theories, but you have to take it into account, “said the woman’s son.

In the video in which he is seen leaving his work, it was captured that Mejía was dressed in an orange blouse, blue jean and heels. When her son made a tour of the area where the ATM is located, no one could give him an account of her, nor of her vehicle, a black Renault Twingo with RMU 959 plates.

“We spoke to people in the sector, but they told us they didn’t see anything. We do not know if he reached the car or the bank, but we hope that with the videos from the cameras in the sector they can give us clues to his whereabouts”, Indicated Busdamente.

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The Unified Action Group for Personal Freedom (Gaula) and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation are working to find the location of this woman, after the corresponding complaint for this disappearance was instituted.

“We are very worried about her, my mother never turns off her cell phone or disappears like this,” said the woman’s son.

The authorities and relatives appeal to the solidarity of the citizens, so that they provide any information that allows them to find Ana Patricia Mejía, and for that purpose they had the telephone number 3178610154.

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