Women and the end of their patience

“In spite of everything” – these words have been a kind of thread at the Synodal Assembly of German Catholics in the past few days. Within and outside the meeting on the process of reforming the Catholic Church, it was primarily women who explained why they “remained” in spite of everything “still in the Church, were still committed, and were still fighting.

But they also made it clear: Now it is enough, patience is at an end, the injuries and disappointments are great and sometimes decades old. This became particularly clear in Frankfurt on Saturday with the discussion about women in ministry and office in the church and about sexuality, which received as many requests as none of the other topics. But the abuse scandal, it became clear, has left deep injuries. As a consequence, the Catholic Church in Germany started the reform process Synodal Way.

Dissatisfaction and disappointment

“You don’t have much time left,” said one participant to the bishops. And another synod representative assured: “The young women are no longer willing to endure these things. They will no longer work through, they will stay away. ”The dissatisfaction, disappointment about the lack of gender equality in the church, but also the determination not to put up with it – that was also to be felt on the eve of the service of the Maria 2.0 women’s alliance in the Frankfurt Cathedral , “Yes, we are asking the question of power,” said one of the theologians who led the service.

The Synodal Assembly, which now met for its first plenary session, consists of 230 bishops, believers and representatives of the professions in the Church. It is the supreme organ in the Synodal Way. During the two-year process, members will meet three more times.


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