Women came out to demonstrate against Trump in the US

They were protesting Trump’s appointment of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett.


04:16 PM / 17/10/2020

Thousands of women took to the streets in Washington and other parts of the United States this Saturday 17-O to protest against President Donald Trump, urging not to grant him a second term and rejecting his nomination of a conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

The protests, which organizers say are taking place in all 50 states across the country, were inspired by the first Women’s March on Washington, a massive anti-Trump mobilization held a day after he assumed the presidency in 2017.

But amid the covid-19 pandemic, Saturday’s demonstrations were considerably less.

Attendees paid tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an icon for women and progressives, as they protested Trump’s appointment of conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to replace her.

The parade route in Washington began near the White House before heading to the Capitol and the National Mall.

Another protest, smaller but in favor of Barrett under the slogan “I’m with her” (I am with her), was scheduled in front of the Supreme Court later.

Most of the protesters in Washington wore protective face masks, some were dressed in the Ginsburg style – in a black tunic and white lace bowtie – and others wore the pink and woven hats made famous in the original march.

“Trump / Pence: Out now,” read one of the banners, referring to Vice President Mike Pence, while others read “Dump Trump.”

In New York City, about 300 people – many in pink hats – gathered in Washington Square with posters honoring Ginsburg or in support of Trump’s Democratic election opponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In total, five different marches were taking place in the metropolis.

“It’s really important to be here and try to encourage people not to vote for Trump and his misogynistic policies, especially now, with (the) covid pandemic, when a lot of people are isolated,” said Yvonne Shackleton, a working mother from 47-year-old who traveled from the state capital Albany, about a three-hour drive from New York.

The Women’s March website, recalling the huge mobilization of 2017, said: “We need to bring that same power and determination to October 17 to finish off the Trump presidency as it began, with a massive resistance led by women.” .

Women’s support for Trump has dropped dramatically, especially in the suburbs. The president lags Biden by 23 points in female voting polls, according to a recent poll by The Washington Post / ABC News media.


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