Women – Knowing and Understanding ‘Lung Cancer’ Isn’t as Scary as You Think

Monday, November 22, 2021, 6:00 a.m.

Although lung cancer still holds the record for the first time. of cancer that kills Thai people each year With the number of new patients 23,713 cases per year or 2.7 people per hour, the presentation of patient statistics here. It is not intended to cause panic or panic. But the number of new cases and this higher mortality rate It will be an opportunity to create new awareness and a correct understanding of modern lung cancer. With November, World Lung Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a time to educate and raise awareness: “Lung cancer isn’t as scary as you might think. ”

Did you know? There are two major types of lung cancer, with 85% of the most common lung cancers in cancer patients each year. Non-small cell lung cancer, while the other 15% of lung cancer cases are small cell lung cancer, which is growing faster and spreading than non-small cell lung cancer. small While today’s science and diagnostic technology are more advanced than they were ten years ago, Lung cancer is currently diagnosed with computed tomography (CT Scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and most recently through PET scans, as well as bronchoscopy techniques. and puncture biopsy This makes the current diagnosis of lung cancer faster. This has a direct benefit for patients to receive treatment faster.

Furthermore, it is currently being discovered that lung cancer can be caused by a number of factors. This is mainly due to smoking. however may be caused by other reasons It includes genetics and genes in the body that are caused by mutations that are not related to heredity in any way. It is mostly found in people who have not smoked or have quit smoking for more than 10 years, including gene abnormalities such as EGFR gene mutations, which are common in Thai people, with about 50% of cases. Another gene abnormality, ALK gene alternation, occurs in approximately 5-10%, and there are three other abnormal genes: ROS and NTRK gene alternation, and a gene mutation. BRAF, but the latter three gene abnormalities are less common, with only 4% each.

Innovative approaches to treating lung cancer have evolved a lot today. This increases the treatment options and survival for more patients. Surgery is still the main treatment option for early cancer. The current surgical procedure is more modern and safe. And in the treatment of metastatic lung cancer over the past decades, chemotherapy has been used. There are quite a few of them and have quite a lot of side effects on patients. Currently, there are more options for treatment of advanced lung cancer.

Assoc.Prof.D. Thanyanun Baisamut (Ruangwetwatana), Department of Oncology Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine
Ramathibodi Hospital said, “Lung cancer is not as scary as you might think. Because now there are new chemotherapy drugs. There are many types of side effects that are less than the old group. And there is also the development of new cancer drugs, such as targeted therapy (Targeted Therapy) and therapeutic drugs that stimulate the immune system and white blood cells in the body. Immunotherapy is also an option for some lung cancer patients.”

Chantana Wan-on, one of the patients with advanced lung cancer undergoing chemotherapy treatment. and found that the cancer had spread to the bone during chemotherapy. Completeness is very important for today’s patients. Because the information will help patients understand about their disease and symptoms. can also plan You can decide with your doctor to choose a treatment that is right for you. Treatment with few side effects It also contributes to a better quality of life. when we can live normally Work and take care of yourself can take care of family will have encouragement to continue to fight the disease And will have better health as well.”

Chantana is currently receiving targeted drug therapy. She and her family have been living with cancer for a year.
Ten months, doctors had previously estimated that she could only live three months. and to create awareness and correct understanding Patient group by the Cancer Network Foundation The Thai Lung Cancer Group, a group of cancer specialists, is spending this Lung Cancer Awareness Month. in organizing two activities to raise awareness and understanding about lung cancer Lung Cancer by a specialist in oncology Went on November 21

In addition, there is a Healthy Lung Healthy You campaign activity, “Building Lung Strength, Encouragement for Lung Cancer Patients”.
by this campaign activity for lung cancer patients and the general public practiced lung exercises with ball blowing and candle blowing activities. Those who are interested can follow and participate in campaign activities and win many prizes from Facebook Page : Thai Stronger Than Cancer from today onwards. https://thaicancersociety.com/lung-cancer-hub

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