women protest in the streets against Trump

He wants their vote but will they be convinced? Thousands of Donald Trump opponents gave him the answer by organizing 300 marches in 49 states demonstrating Saturday, October 17 in several cities across the country, from New York to Los Angeles and Chicago to Fort Lauderdale in Florida in the United States, under the banner of the “Women’s March 2020”, which takes place every year since 2017.

The ” Housewives ” de Trump

The outgoing president, behind in the polls behind Democrat Joe Biden, is trying to win female votes and it is not won. Like his successful attempt in 2016, he once again appealed to women from the white suburbs, populated by an upper middle class. During a meeting in Pennsylvania, he went there in his outspokenness which sounded like a rather desperate call: “ Women of the suburbs, do me a favor, could you love me? I saved your damn neighborhoods ”.

But the ” Housewives “, according to Donald Trump’s favorite name, more and more people are mobilizing to push the candidate out of the White House on November 3. The year 2020 is particularly sensitive for Americans who celebrated the centenary of the right to vote granted to women in all the states of America, on August 26, 1920. And because on September 18, Ruth Bader Ginsbur, nicknamed RBG United States Supreme Court Justice and Women’s Advocate.

“Fight like RBG”

In New York City, some protesters once again paid tribute to RBG by holding up a sign showing the Democratic judge in boxing gloves and the slogan “Fight like RBG”. The Democratic judge will most likely be replaced, if the Republicans, the majority in the Senate, validate the choice of Donald Trump from October 22, by magistrate Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic, mother of seven children. Democrats fear the new Supreme Court judge will question the right to abortion.

Heard this week in the Senate, Amy Coney Barrett vowed to keep her faith out of her work as a judge. She was particularly reserved when asked about sensitive subjects such as abortion, to which she is personally opposed. She nevertheless suggested that the judgment of the High Court which recognized this right in 1973 was not set in stone.

Doped by the MeToo Movement and strongly mobilized by the Black Lives Matter movement, some demonstrators in the federal capital had donned the red tunic and white cap of “The Scarlet Maid”, a novel by Margaret Atwood which describes an America transformed into a patriarchal dictatorship where some women become sex slaves.

Mobilize women from minorities

Will American women vote overwhelmingly against the Republican candidate? While the 2018 midterm elections showed a sharp drop in the female vote, decisive for Democrats, this was not the case across the country. To win the presidential election on November 3, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris would have to mobilize massively women from minorities, already largely Democrats, and that the shift of white women from the Republican vote to the Democratic one in the residential suburbs is accentuated. .

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