Woodkid explores a “world on the brink” in his new album

An expected return. Woodkid, Yoann Lemoine of his real name, 37, has just been released on October 16 after 7 years of absence with a new album S16 where the singer is “violence” and this “unveils“As when”of a long sleepless night in someone’s arms». «I say things with my music that I can’t say to others»Admits Yoann Lemoine, French multi-cap artist, who has notably produced music videos for Rihanna, Moby and Lana del Rey.

From his collaborations with musicians but also with Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, who invites him each season to compose the original music for his parade, Woodkid is looking for “other ways of thinking “and” learning by contradiction».

This is the whole point of S16. «If my first album (Golden Age, 800,000 albums sold, 200 concerts worldwide, editor’s note) was a kind of Hollywood blockbuster where I tell life in a more fantasized way, with S16 I talk about more realistic and concrete things», Specifies Woodkid.

Ballad and brass explosion

Homophobia, identity, relationship to addiction, the 37-year-old singer-director leaves “more space for words” in S16 to approach themes in a “raw and unfiltered».

What have you done? (“What did you do”) he wonders in the title Shift. Repeated like a mantra, in a powerful voice, this call is accompanied simply by piano and stringed instruments. “I wrote it a few weeks after the 2015 Paris attacks»Confides the singer to AFP. When he learned what was going on in Paris, he was then filming in Los Angeles. After fear, the question arises of “way to learn“. This is one of the first songs he wrote, “surely the triggerOf his desire to come back with a new album.

And Shift is a melancholy ballad, Goliath is punctuated by metallic percussions and brass explosions. A threatening atmosphere, like the clip unveiled in the spring and shot a year ago by Woodkid, where we see machines devouring the earth in search of coal.

«I decided that it was under the sound and visual envelope that I was going to place the degree of surrealism and fantasy to allow several reading grids.», Announces the singer.

Sing to say

Infinitely large and small, industrial universes and natural elements, collective and individual responsibilities, the readings of S16 are many. It is also the site of the emergence of a political conscience in Woodkid.

Sing what he couldn’t say. In Minus Sixty One, accompanied by the children’s choir of the Suginami Junior Chorus of Tokyo, he evokes a “rout“, A”world on the brink“And a”humanity in tension“. The timbre of this choir sounds a “little science fiction“. A title that comes to complete the album of “a cold lightSays Woodkid.

S16 is designed for the stage, he says. But the health situation has already postponed dates for his tour, leaving more time for the singer to “refine the visuals of its scenography“. But for the live, he promises an orchestra even more important than for “Golden Age».

Electro-pop, video, 3D animation and special effects: Woodkid colors this album with a universe that we recognize from the first notes.


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