Woody Allen, in his memoirs: “I never put a finger on Dylan, it was a total invention from start to finish”

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Woody Allen recounts in great detail his 84 years of life in his autobiography “About Nothing”, in which he shows off his famous sarcasm even in the title, since the work has an outstanding objective: to defend himself against accusations abuse of his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow after Hollywood has turned his back on her.

Although the filmmaker begins by talking about his uneducated parents, his early years in a quiet Brooklyn, his fascination with Manhattan when he was just a child, his school and university failures, the many heartbreak suffered and how he discovered jazz, cinema and writing. Allen dedicates more than half of his book to explaining exactly what happened in that disturbing episode of his life. In public, the person in charge of “Annie Hall” has preferred for decades to remain silent about the alleged sexual abuse of which his ex-partner, actress Mia Farrow, accuses him of their adoptive daughter, Dylan, as if it were a mere incident unpleasant to which he did not want to give too much importance.

“I imagined a little more support from my colleagues”

But his autobiography is a reflection of the enormous weight that the dramatic situation has had in his life and that finally, as he himself stresses, has led to a long list of actors refusing to work with him. “I imagined a little more support from my colleagues,” he admits. Shortly after crossing the equator of meticulous memories, Allen delves into the various battles of his conflict with Farrow without much dissimulation: “Much has been said in the press about the idea that I have gravitated towards young girls, but it really is not like this, “he stresses.

His first wife was three years younger than him, just like the second, he lists. Diane Keaton, with whom she was never married, was of the “appropriate age”, she says, and so was Mia Farrow, “with whom I dated thirteen years,” reviews the New York filmmaker. “I asked a young woman to marry me and her name is Soon-Yi (…), and that has a story (and I hope that’s not the reason why you bought the book),” says Allen about his well-known relationship with another of Farrow’s adoptive daughters, 35 years his junior, which began when the film director and actress were still a couple.

Mia Farrow’s Revenge
That, his unlikely love story with the South Korean girl Mia adopted when she was 7, is the reason he has been falsely accused of abusing Dylan Farrow, as “revenge,” he alleges. Mia Farrow goes very badly stopped in the autobiography, whom she accuses of physically and psychologically mistreating her adoptive children, and of “unnaturally close” relationships with her biological children Fletcher Previn and Ronan Farrow.

“(Mia Farrow) liked Santa’s reputation, publicity admiration, but she didn’t like raising children and didn’t really care for them”

“He liked Santa’s reputation, publicity admiration, but he didn’t like raising kids and didn’t really care for them,” Allen says of the minors Farrow adopted, a total of 10, some of them handicapped. “No wonder two of her adopted children committed suicide. A third watched, and a lovely daughter who had a hard time being diagnosed with HIV was abandoned by Mia to die alone of AIDS in a hospital on Christmas Day,” argue.

On Farrow’s treatment of Soon-Yi, to whom Allen has now been married for more than 20 years, he says that the interpreter, who was a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, punished her daughter “holding her upside down, hanging her, and threatening to admit her. in a madhouse if I didn’t learn faster. ” It was after discovering that Allen and Soon-Yi, at that time of legal age, had entered into a sexual relationship, that the actress went into a rage and decided to seek revenge. The headmaster, clueless in nature, had posted some photos of the risque young woman in his living room, which Mia discovered on one of his visits.

According to the prolific filmmaker, responsible for more than 50 feature films, Farrow opted for an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth: if he had snatched his daughter Soon-Yi, she would snatch Dylan, one of the daughters with whom Allen says he had developed a special bond. To complete that mission, the actress, always according to Allen, psychologically pounded the 7-year-old girl and managed to convince her that her adoptive father had abused her in the attic of her mansion, something that Dylan Farrow, now 34, follows holding.

“I never put a finger on Dylan, I never did anything that could be misinterpreted as abuse; it was a total invention from start to finish, every subatomic particle of it,” reads the autobiography. Allen discredits in the book a good part of those involved in the investigations that were carried out during the custody trial of the children, from the police to the judge, private investigators and child psychiatrists, despite the fact that official reports They indicated that a forceful conclusion of sexual abuse could not be reached.

“To this day, Soon-Yi and I would welcome Dylan with open arms if he wanted to contact us (…), but so far that’s still just a dream”

The judge decided, however, not to allow Allen to visit Dylan: “For a year, I had dreams of her coming back to me, but every attempt I made to see her, write to her, talk to her was thwarted.” The director confesses that “one of the saddest things” in his life has been the fact that he “was deprived of the years of educating Dylan.” “To this day, Soon-Yi and I would welcome Dylan with open arms if he wanted to contact us (…), but so far that’s still just a dream,” he says. How did Allen overcome that “ordeal” ?: “In addition to not going out without my nose and fake glasses, I just kept on with my work and worked,” he explains. .


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