work in Detroit begins this Monday, October 19

For the past few days, motorists traveling on the departmental road 93 have been experiencing discomfort and slowdowns at the locality of the Detroit in the town of Saillans, this was due to the establishment of safety means for the work which begins on Monday October 19 in the morning. Indeed, this is a third and final phase of rock fall protection work on CD 93 at this location. This first phase consisted of setting up a safety zone over approximately 200 meters over the entire bend affected by the works. Traffic cuts had been announced, but the security put in place will allow vehicles to pass and cross in both directions. However, the roadway will be narrowed and the Roads Department calls for caution and compliance with the speed limit. This passage will also be very dangerous for cyclists, the tread having been removed. This last tranche of € 300,000 is financed by the Department.

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