“Work Pressure and Hair Loss: How Chinese Medicine Helped Regrow Hair – A Success Story”

2023-05-30 06:04:10

A 32-year-old man developed multifocal alopecia areata due to high work pressure, and new hair grew out after half a year of seeking medical treatment.

Work pressure can cause severe hair loss! Li Guangji (Chai doctor), a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, shared a case with TOPick that a 32-year-old male patient had an immune imbalance due to heavy work pressure last year, causing alopecia areata, and the scope continued to expand; fortunately, the doctor diagnosed and treated in time, and spent half a year to recover. Grow new hair.

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Dr. Chai pointed out that the male patient was first diagnosed on September 5 last year, and said that he was under a lot of work pressure. He didn’t get home from get off work until 11 o’clock every night. He was used to going to bed late and sweating easily. The patient started to have alopecia areata in May, and his mother also tried alopecia areata when she was young, and lost 50% of her hair. After the patient developed alopecia areata, he was treated in a hair treatment center for two months, but the effect was not satisfactory. Later, I saw Western medicine treatment on the Internet, mainly injecting steroids into the scalp, and worried about the side effects of treatment, so I finally chose to seek medical treatment in Chinese medicine.

Dr. Chai found at the first visit that the patient had 4 or 5 patchy areas of baldness, which gradually became more and larger. It is speculated that it may be due to work pressure, which leads to an imbalance of immunity and alopecia areata.

Taking internally and externally knocking needles for half a year to regenerate new hair

Dr. Chai explained that the patient’s constitution belongs to stagnation of the liver and deficiency of the spleen, deficiency of the liver and kidney. The physician prescribed Liuwei Dihuang Pills, Arborvitae leaves, Ganoderma lucidum, mulberry, wolfberry, Ligustrum lucidum, jujube kernels, and floating wheat. In addition, tap the “Plum Blossom Needle” on the area of ​​alopecia areata every day to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and wake up the sleeping hair follicles. At the same time, the patient went to the pharmacy to buy “minoxidil 5% hair growth solution” for external application. Due to the patient’s mild scalp allergy and the itching reaction of the plum blossom needle, the application of hair tonic was reduced to once a day instead of twice a day.

If no new alopecia areata appears for 4 weeks, it will be relatively stable and the hair will grow slowly. Generally, this kind of multifocal alopecia areata takes a long time to recover, about a year. A small number of people will develop alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis. Before treatment, there is blindness, so it is impossible to speculate whether the patients will develop alopecia totalis.

Soon, the patient returned to the clinic in November, and it was seen that the expansion of alopecia areata slowed down, and new thin white hairs grew on the alopecia areata. Although there were still sporadic and small newborn alopecia areata in December, it improved rapidly, and the original alopecia areata also began to grow black hairs. By January 2023, the patient’s improvement rate has been faster. Many alopecia areata areas have grown 3 to 4cm black hair, and the degree of improvement is about 50%. After a follow-up visit in February, the overall improvement has been about 75%.

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