Work stoppages at Charleroi airport: “Disastrous management”

Work stoppage at Charleroi airport

Charleroi airport is in financial difficulty. An airport rescue plan provides for savings of seven to ten million. Social consultation has been scheduled, but good understanding does not really reign.

Charleroi airport employees have been off work since 1 p.m. on Monday. This is indicated in a joint press release published by the National Central of Employees and Executives of the Private Sector (CNE) and the Socialist Union of Employees, Technicians and Executives (SETCa). “This is a final push before going on strike to denounce the unacceptable degradation of working conditions,” they warn.

The staff employed by the carolo airport meet in assembly during these work stoppages.

Planning management

The workers denounce the disastrous management of the management at the planning level. CNE and SETCa also denounce the deterioration of working conditions and the employer’s lack of credibility. The management of unemployment is also singled out: misuse of unemployment for force majeure, lack of transparency, inequity in the distribution of unemployment and announcement of future economic unemployment. “To top it off, one of the airport managers also harassed one of the workers,” CNE and SETCa protested.

They therefore drew their conclusions: “For all these reasons, the staff is frustrated and will take more substantial action if the management of Charleroi airport does not take our points of view into account. The health of workers is in danger! ”

In early June, the unions had already given notice of an indefinite strike and action. Their main demand was that the flexibility riders not be lifted. But the management of unemployment and the deterioration of working conditions, including flexibility in working hours, were already a concern.

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